Greenway Health + Ambra:

Power Up Greenway with Cloud Image-Enablement

Take your Greenway EHR and online patient portal further by adding imaging. Easily access imaging from the Greenway EHR patient jacket, and enhance the Greenway patient portal with image upload and access. Tap into a cloud image management platform that increases image access and sharing.

Instant Access to Patient Imaging Directly from Your Greenway EHR

Cut the need for physicians to waste time manually logging in to multiple systems to access patient information and imaging. Greenway Health LogoPhysicians can directly access the Ambra universal zero-footprint medical image viewer directly from within the Greenway EHR.  Physicians and administrators can also even easily upload patient imaging directly from the patient jacket in Greenway while ensuring associated data is automatically linked.

Add Image Uploading and Access to Your Greenway Patient Portal

The Greenway online patient portal provides messaging and appointment reminder capabilities to enable providers to easily and efficiently communicate with patients. Ambra enables practices to take if further by enabling patients to upload their images directly from within it, or access their imaging with no extra sign-up or complicated tools required. Facilities can even configure Ambra to notify the relevant party after the study was uploaded, and route it as required, streamlining the patient engagement process.

Powerful Collaborative Image Viewing from within the Greenway EHR Patient Jacket

Ambra’s FDA 510(k) cleared diagnostic viewer supports all DICOM imaging types from CRs to intensive imaging studies such as PET, US, Angio, and Tomo, as well as non-DICOM imaging. The viewer includes intuitive viewing tools for annotating studies, hanging protocols, and viewer customization per sub-specialty, enabling a tailored viewing experience for specialty physicians and surgeons. Physicians can even share a study with a temporary web link, or host a meeting to view the study together, all directly within the viewer.

Comprehensive Cloud Image Management

Secure, electronic sharing of images provides a streamlined alternative to image distribution via CD and offers significant speed and efficiency benefits to both care providers and patients. Workflow and modality worklist automated image routing cuts rekeying of patient information while reducing errors. Cloud storage provides full disaster recovery and anytime, anywhere access to imaging. Internet standards-based REST APIs enable integration into all your Greenway investments and beyond.