HIE Integration:

Elevate Your HIE with Image Management

Take your community, regional, or statewide exchange program to the next level with the inclusion of medical imaging data.

why_cloud_copy_blockEnhance Your HIE with Image Management

Cloud-based image exchange services are the main driver behind image enabling HIEs, and they provide a huge window of opportunity for forward-thinking CIOs, CTOs, and healthcare. The majority of the data being exchanged though HIEs is text-based.Image-enabling an HIE with Ambra enables the electronic mobilization of imaging information across organizations within a region, community, or hospital system. It enables the ability to electronically view and move diagnostic imaging data between disparate healthcare information systems in a clinically relevant timeframe.

Easily Query and Retrieve Studies

For ordering providers or technologists, knowing that a study is accessible can be critical to care, and reduce unnecessary imaging. It can be achieved quickly using Ambra query and retrieve functionality. Providers can easily search the systems of other participants to find the studies at the point of care. DICOM queries provide the ability to list historical image data, unlike the limitations of reports sent by HL7 that are only go-forward and may not be available through the HIE.

developer_toolsEmbed Ambra Into Your Workflow

Ambra’s integrated solution embeds right into the workflow application of your HIE, so that images are made available to care providers as part of an integrated longitudinal patient record.  With Ambra, a link to a patient’s medical images can be listed alongside other types of information like payer information, medical history, allergies, and more.

referral_partnersProviders Outside of Your Network

Providers from outside of your HIE will need to be able to add studies to your network. A web-based platform for electronic ad-hoc image sharing simplifies this process. In addition, offering participants the ability to bring imaging data into their own systems is essential. The best way to do this is by enabling “one-click” transfers to downstream DICOM destinations.

Patient Accessibility and Engagement

In addition to integration with your HIEs workflow application, participants benefit from electronic access, sharing, and viewing of studies through Ambra’s web-based portal.  Having a strong alliance with your vendor’s service and technical teams are key in fostering user engagement. Ambra keeps lines of communication opens and works closely with clinical and office staff to minimize disruptions.