Modernizing Medicine + Ambra:

Easy to Deploy Cloud PACS Streamlines Image Exchange in EMA™ for Orthopedics.

Take physician productivity and patient care in your specialty further by image-enabling your Modernizing Medicine EMR/EHR. Access imaging directly from the patient record and upgrade your imaging processes with better interoperability, archiving, and accessibility.

Modernizing Medicine Orthopedics InterfaceImage-enable Your Modernizing Medicine EHR

Do your physicians have all the patient information they need during a consultation at their fingertips? With Ambra’s interface with Modernizing Medicine’s orthopedic-specific electronic health records (EHR) system, EMA, with advanced PACS connectivity. Orthopedic surgeons can gain direct connectivity, between EMA and their images from almost any PACS system.

Modernizing Medicine brings a new approach to cloud-based EHR systems. Built by practicing orthopedic surgeons, the EHR software intuitively adapts to the unique style of practice, remembers preferences, and aids clinical collaboration to streamline the entire process. Ambra Health seamlessly interfaces with Modernizing Medicine’s EHR and Practice

Management (PM) solutions, giving physicians and staff the structure of a true all-in-one workflow solution. Imaging can now be accessed directly from within the patient record, cutting CDs and upgrading imaging processes with better interoperability, archiving, and accessibility.

Modernizing Medicine Ortho Tablet

View Different Imaging Types from Anywhere

Frustrated with only being able to see patient images within the four walls of your orthopedic practice or clinic? With Ambra, medical images can be accessed from anywhere. With just a laptop or tablet and an internet connection, our 510(k) cleared viewer is Class II per FDA regulation, empowering you and your team to assess cases, and make immediate decisions when and where it matters. No more need to rush back to the office in order to view a patient’s films — patient studies are always at your fingertips.

Flow Imaging From Your Patient Or Referring Physician Portal

What if imaging was available to your physicians before the patient arrives, all directly from your Modernizing Medicine EHR? Ambra plugs into your patient and/or physician portal and supports a broad range of file types for upload. Images are automatically routed to the right physician using sophisticated workflow rules.

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