RSNA Image Share:

Provide Patients with Access & Control Over Their Own Imaging

RSNA Image Share is a network created by radiologists to share medical imaging with patients. Ambra serves as a clearinghouse to store all reports and associated image data within the Image Share network.

RSNA Image ShareAccess for Patients

RSNA Image Share provides patients with control over their own medical images and radiology reports. Using Ambra ImageShare, patients can access copies of their medical images—X-Rays, CTs, MRIs, and ultrasounds—and keep them in online Personal Health Record (PHR) accounts. Patients use a simple three-step process to create their account and can then login at any time to upload and view exams, and share imaging information securely with specialists and care providers.

cd_ingestion_mainImage Sharing for Providers

Providers spend more time dealing with broken, lost, and incompatible CDs than with patients. RSNA Image Share, powered by Ambra, allows physicians to securely send studies over the internet.

Tools for Developers

The RSNA Image Share network project provides tools to securely connect a site’s radiology systems (PACS and RIS) to the network. Learn more here about getting connected and downloading the Edge Server and documentation.

rsnaImageShare_fnlRSNA Image Share Validation Program

In collaboration with the Sequoia Project, RSNA is proud to introduce the Image Share Validation Program, which will test the compliance of vendors’ systems to standards for exchange of medical images used in the RSNA Image Share Network. A pilot testing program will be performed in 2016. Learn more, register for testing and track the progress of the program here.