Image Upload & Share:

Easily Upload Images from CD, Receive and Share Images via the Web

Exchange images in real-time without the need for VPNs or CDs. Grow your practice and referral network by receiving and sharing images simply, and instantly.

cd_ingestion_mainMedical Image Upload
Ambra supports medical image uploads and transfers from a variety of inputs. Admissions or check-in staff can upload a patient’s prior medical images from CDs with our easy-to-use one-click CD uploader so studies are available even before the patient is roomed, saving precious time during physician consults. Web upload and transfers can be used for ad-hoc patient referrals. Or for regular referring facilities, set up a gateway to ingest imaging from DICOM modalities and PACS, as well as RIS via HL7.


Patient Portal & Referring Physician Portal
Secure, electronic sharing of images provides a simple alternative to image distribution via CD and offers significant benefits to both care providers and patients. Once a patient shares medical images with your institution, you can give him/her the ability to create an account to store medical images in a personal health record. Your patients can access their accounts at anytime to view and share their images. Close the loop between imaging providers, referring physicians, and medical staff by providing instant electronic access to images and reports.


workflow_automation_main_imageExchange Medical Images and Establish Routing Rules
In cases of referrals, patient uploads, or electronic second opinions, share imaging through a secure web-based link. For high volume imaging scenarios, install a lightweight gateway on a sending site and establish routing rules to push studies from outside facilities or internal PACS directly into a trauma room or surgical suite.


Simplified DICOM CD Burning
Create completely portable, physical copies of imaging data in minutes for those extreme cases when only a CD will do. Our simple to deploy, and affordable CD burning solution gives you the ability to send studies directly from a browser-based device to an onsite CD printing system.

Bridge the gap between the EHR and image management systems