Why Cloud?:

Cut Costs. Improve Access. Enhance Image Exchange.

Healthcare providers are on the march to the cloud for medical image management. It's simply more efficient, dramatically easier to access, quick to integrate, and reduces risk.

why_cloud_copy_blockEliminate Costly On-Premise Overhead. Reduce Risk.
With cloud-based solutions, system upgrades, maintenance, and storage are standard and managed by the vendors. There’s no need to worry about costly upgrades, and spiraling hidden costs. Better yet, by moving to a modern cloud-based infrastructure, organizations gain improved backup, availability and overall business continuity.


Web Based Instant Access to Medical Images
Completely web-based, cloud image management enables sharing efficiently via the web. Physicians and patients can share images with just a web link, or through a self-service portal, and access images with a laptop or tablet, from anywhere. A cloud VNA also allows for instant access to prior imaging, reducing duplicate procedures and improving patient care.


why_cloud_bottom_copy_blockImproves Interoperability and Exchange
The cloud allows for rapid and efficient exchange among care providers, easily integrating into portals, and immediate access to data by seamlessly embedding within EMR systems. The Ambra cloud provides a highly flexible architecture that can be used to enable easy image exchange, view imaging from anytime and anywhere, image-enable the EHR, and safely store imaging. And there’s no need for costly and burdensome on-premise management.


Overall Process Improvement
From reducing the time for staff to burn and mail a CD, to eliminating manual data entry, cloud image management platforms improve physician and administrative productivity, and patient satisfaction. Improving patient care, and improving administrative processes, Ambra cloud image management ensures that imaging is always at the physician’s fingertips, so when something comes up during non-clinical hours, critical information is always just a few clicks away.

Confused about cloud terminology? Check out our interactive guide. Ambra cloud image management has delivered 75%+ efficiency improvement in sharing and retrieving images, and delivered 25%+ growth in referrals for providers.