Provider Network:

Provider Network: Ubiquitous Access to Imaging Across Your Network

Instantly flow imaging between providers. Eliminate CDs by image-enabling every touchpoint from the referrer to the provider, and the patient. Access a thriving network to drive referrals.

Imaging that Flows Across Your Network

Our open approach with cloud image sharing provides a junction for flowing imaging across your network, between you and referring physicians, patients, and within your practice, hospital, or health system. Precise and configurable image routing, frictionless imaging exchange from simple web links, to CD uploaders, and portal integration, is the intelligent, smarter way to exchange imaging.

Image-Enable All Your Network Touchpoints

Referrals can come from anywhere―referring physicians, word of mouth from patients, or simply out of the blue. Image-enabling your physicians and patient portals cut the need for CDs, unnecessary studies, and adds immediacy to referrals.  Ambra makes it simple to seamlessly embed image upload and download into any portal.

Cloud VNA Drives Integration and Interoperability

Route, store, access, and view imaging instantly across multiple PACS locations, groups, and departments with Ambra’s cloud VNA. Thin study capabilities optimize health information exchange performance by transporting only PHI and image data enabling the retrieval of the actual study on request. Powerful PHI data harmonization enables interoperability and standardization of data as imaging is exchanged across the network to reduce errors and effort.

Plug into a Broad and Diverse Provider Network

Ambra’s heterogeneous imaging network includes a healthy mix of providers including private practices, health systems, sub-specialties, radiologists, hospitals, urgent care facilities and other types of organizations so that there are more likely to be valuable referral sources on the same imaging exchange as you.