Second Opinion:

Revolutionize Your Virtual Second Opinion Program

Ambra makes receiving images easy so you can grow geographic reach, increase qualified second opinion candidates, and create a competitive advantage.

Deliver a First-Class Patient Experience

Virtual Second Opinion PortalLeading medical facilities with strong sub-specialty groups are using Ambra to enable medical second opinion programs and expert care globally. Patients are increasingly directing their own care when faced with a complex or interventional diagnosis. They are seeking out providers with strong reputations for excellence, regardless of their location. For healthcare providers, this means investing in your brand and online presence to optimize direct patient traffic and offering value-added services such as second opinion.

Collect Imaging Data. Instantly.

Virtual Second Opinion PortalWith a complete, second opinion portal, Ambra makes it simple for prospective patients to upload medical images and associated reports. Our three-step wizard guides patients through the upload process, so they can instantly provide images for evaluation. As the provider, you customize the Ambra portal to match your unique website experience, including defining the required prior images and reports based on the original diagnosis indicated.

Enable Secure Payment Capture & Share Findings

Ambra’s secure payment capture integration can authorize credit card information during the submission process, guaranteeing you cover your administrative costs with each transaction.  Once the second opinion consult is complete, easily upload and share findings for patient review with Ambra’s secure patient portal.

Powering New Revenue Opportunities at Barrow Neurological Institute

Barrow Neurological Institute, an international leader in a wide variety of neurological conditions built an online, white-glove second opinion service, image-enabled by Ambra that makes it easy for patients to upload complex images and reports to request a consultation. Of 1,000 second opinion consultations completed, 380 led to an on-site review and more than 190 new corrective surgical procedures performed at Barrow Neurological Institute.

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