Workflow & Analytics:

Automate and Optimize Image Routing

Completely configurable image exchange workflows and routing, powerful modality worklist integration, and detailed data to drive study volume and turnaround analytics—all in one unified cloud solution.

Routing Rules, Modality Worklists, and Templated Reporting

Automated Bi-Directional Imaging Workflows

Ambra’s completely configurable workflow rules support bidirectional sharing, automating image and report send back to physicians and patients with no manual push needed. Inbound imaging routes directly to the right physician, and it’s easy to share studies across organizations, locations, groups, or users, no matter where they are within or beyond your facility. Send studies to specific PACS, modalities, or viewing stations, all based on user-defined parameters and adjustable routing rules.

Cut Effort and Errors with Modality Worklist

A Modality Worklist (MWL) is the missing electronic link that transfers critical information between your modalities, RIS, and EMR. MWL cuts manual effort for techs and reduces the risk of error from unnecessary rekeying. Ambra’s built-in HL7 listener and support for outgoing HL7 messages enable you to automatically populate any order information from your EMR to your modality.

Routing Rules, Modality Worklists, and Templated Reporting

Flexible and Customizable Analytics

With Ambra you can gain a complete perspective on everything from how study volume is trending over time, to modality utilization, and even report turnaround times to referring physicians. For specialties like telestroke, Ambra can provide the data to report on every step, from the time of incoming imaging, to time of login, and viewing. Ambra users can use built-in reporting, CSV export to output the detail to spreadsheets, and tools like Tableau for analysis. And with our open APIs, Ambra can even automatically populate downstream reporting databases.

Consolidate Your Systems to One Platform

Better yet, with Ambra there’s no need to run separate systems for your image workflows and for your HL7 modality worklist.  It’s all part of our unified image sharing solution so that you can consolidate separate tools to one platform, cutting cost, IT effort, and administration.