Medical Imaging at the Heart of Your Circle of Care

Seamless access to imaging—whether it’s across the hall or around the globe—is critical to speeding up vital communications among medical staff and reducing time-to-care delivery.

Ambra’s cloud-based image management suite provides your facility with the software, services, and support needed to achieve all your image management goals. As our healthcare system moves toward higher interoperability, rapid image sharing and storage has become a priority across all medical specialties and facilities.

Interoperability: Image-enable EHR systems and plug-in to leading interoperability networks.

solutions_copy_blockRedundant imaging exams due to missing data can place patients’ health at risk and raise costs for facilities. Whether you’re in radiology, cardiology, neurology, or another sub-specialty, determining how to manage medical imaging and combine key patient data is a key concern. By partnering with Ambra, an interoperable landscape that allows for easy image exchange, anytime, anywhere diagnostic viewing and scalable storage can become a reality.