Community Hospitals:

Modern Medical Image Management

Community hospitals are at a crossroads. Large health systems are driving regional consolidation and patients are seeking lower-cost care. The good news: modern cloud PACS and VNA from Ambra are proven to cut costs and improve efficiency.

community_hospital_PACS_blockLegacy On-Premise PACS Waste Resources. Ambra Drives Efficiency.
Traditional PACS include hardware and software licensing, staff to maintain and update them, and wasted hours of IT support. Ambra’s 100% cloud solution eliminates on-premise costs, while delivering productivity that traditional systems can’t deliver—such as making image sharing and anytime-anywhere access on mobile devices a reality.


Complexity Drains Resources. Ambra’s All-In-One Solution Simplifies.
The cost of licensing and maintaining on-premise VNAs and PACS, image-exchange software, CD burning, and separate disaster recovery products and storage solutions all add up—and add complexity. With Ambra, it’s no longer necessary. With a single all-in-one cloud solution, we help community hospitals save 30%-80% of IT and administration costs related to image management by consolidating applications, removing brittle integrations, and reducing manual effort required to tie them together.


community_hospital_CD_blockCDs Create Barriers to Sharing. With Ambra, Sharing is Frictionless.
Being more efficient means breaking down barriers. But CDs are hard to share, and they’re error-prone. Ambra powers exchange capabilities, including web uploads from patients and referring physicians, CD ingestion for onsite uploads, and direct gateway connections. Ambra accelerates outbound electronic distribution of imaging to patients, physicians and facilities. The result: increased speed, efficiency, and patient service.


Paying More for Disaster Recovery? With Ambra, It’s Built-In.
Ambra eliminates the need to pay extra for disaster recovery. Ambra manages and backs up your images in our secure data centers, providing physical security and redundancy, off-site back-ups, and 24/7 monitoring. With SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliance, you gain the assurance of strong controls and policies around managing images that far exceed what can typically be achieved on-site.


cloud_archiveElastic Scalable Storage at No Extra Cost
Image storage costs can add up quickly, with expensive and restrictive on-premise storage and hardware. It doesn’t have to be that way. Unlike traditional solutions, we securely store images as a standard part of our service. And with Ambra’s efficient cloud storage, our customers realize significant storage cost savings, and can increase volume without having to worry about on-premise constraints.

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Transforming Image Management at New England Baptist Hospital
New England Baptist Hospital (NEBH), one of America’s top hospitals for orthopedics, recently launched the use of Ambra’s diagnostic viewer in the operating room for reference during surgeries. In addition, physicians leverage Ambra as the primary PACS at their private practice clinics to store studies uploaded from patient CDs during the admissions process or retrieve studies performed while their patients are at NEBH.