Healthcare Innovators:

A Powerful Image Management Platform for Innovators

A renaissance in healthcare is underway, from growth in telemedicine and on-demand healthcare expertise, to innovations in artificial intelligence that aid physician decisions. There’s never been a better time to use an agile image management platform like Ambra.

Breaking Down Barriers to Second Opinions

Virtual Second Opinion PortalSuccessful second-opinion providers know that the secret to success is removing barriers to inquiries. Relying on CDs for images doesn’t just hurt the bottom line; it drains opportunity, making it hard for patients to take the first step to access specialists and experts. Ambra’s patient portal integration empowers patients to upload studies, and our physician-to-physician image sharing makes providing a second opinion a team sport. Today, Ambra is leading the way for second-opinion providers and initiatives.

Accelerating Image Access for Diagnostic Support Like Deep Learning

Technology is opening up new avenues for diagnostic support, with advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Yet these applications are only as effective as the data they’re learning from—or providing insights into. Whether sourcing studies from hospitals, health systems, CROs, or patients themselves, Ambra eliminates CDs that slow diagnostic insight. For truly automated image routing and modern APIs that ease integration into applications, diagnostic support providers rely on Ambra.

Instant Image Transfer that Frees Telemedicine

Patients’ reliance on physical locations for care is a thing of the past. Now, it’s about communication between patients and providers anywhere, and medical images are an essential part of that communication. With Ambra, it’s easy for caregivers and patients to connect around studies. Self-service image upload, unified image and PHI data, and a powerful mobile viewer deliver a rock-solid foundation for effective telemedicine—for patients and providers alike.

Helping Operational Efficiency Providers Improve Physician Productivity

With the healthcare system focusing on efficiency and outcomes, a new breed of solution providers is on the rise. These providers are helping radiologists and physicians drive efficiency and quality measures by improving their inter-communications and productivity. Ambra is proven to improve productivity around image management by 80%, with real-time sharing, worklists and automated routing, image-enabling EHR/EMR systems, ease of CD upload, and built-in PHI data.

Vigilias Telehealth is Using Telemedicine to Transform Healthcare Delivery.

At Vigilias Telehealth, the mission is to transform rural health care, by using telemedicine to improve health care delivery. With Ambra, Vigilias is able to use cloud-based medical image management to get immediate access to patient studies, no matter where patients are. Vigilias relies on Ambra to enable instant image transfer to their providers trained in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and a variety of specialties. The result: increased access to expertise and faster diagnoses.

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