Medical Specialties:

The Perfect Fit for All Image-Intensive “ologies”

Ambra is transforming medical specialties by improving collaboration, helping providers manage study growth and volume, and freeing physicians to view images from anywhere.

Powering Image Sharing That’s Essential for Specialty Success
Collaboration is key to the success of any modern medical specialty. Unfortunately, the use of CDs can be a barrier to this success. With Ambra’s secure and automated routing, together with integrated PHI information, image exchange between individuals, locations, or departments is frictionless and complete. With ease of image exchange comes new opportunities such as second opinion, because receiving studies is easier than ever. From direct routing to uploading via a patient portal, referrals are a snap.
We Help Specialties Tackle Image Growth and Volume
It’s no secret that image sizes are increasing substantially, driven by advancements in radiologic technology. Often, specialties are at the forefront of using the latest imaging, and it comes with a hidden burden: higher overhead, lower physician productivity when viewing images, spiraling storage costs, and risk of data loss. At Ambra, we’ve re-inventing image management with the cloud. Clients gain the benefit of cloud storage that grows elastically with volume and size. And, it’s underpinned by backup and availability at our data centers, dramatically reducing risk.


Specialties Demand Flexibility: Access Images Anytime, Anywhere
If you’re like many specialists, you work in multiple facilities, and are constantly back and forth between them. Ambra enables you to work from anywhere. With our FDA Class II mobile viewer, you get ease of access from laptop to tablet. Via the internet, you’ll have full access to your patients’ studies. The result: better flexibility, better care.