Patients and Physicians Win with Timely Image Management.

Successful Oncology care requires patients achieving the right care, at the right stage, across providers. Timely and frictionless image sharing is critical. Ambra breaks down barriers to collaboration and patient care.

Better Image Management, More Efficient Oncology Care
Oncology visits often start with imaging. Juggling multiple incoming MRIs, PET, and CT scans on CDs from patients wastes valuable patient time. With Ambra, oncologists have instantaneous access to studies even prior to patients being roomed, saving hours a day that was previously spent managing and receiving studies, or juggling error-prone CDs. The result: better productivity and more focused patient care.


oncology_copy_blockImproving Collaboration That’s Essential for Oncology Treatment
As oncology patients move through each treatment phase, providers must be able to share information while preventing unnecessary duplication of studies. It’s hard to transfer MRIs, tomosynthesis images, X-Rays, PET and CT scans. At Ambra, our cloud image management makes it easy for providers to upload images, electronically receive images, and securely share them across locations and with other specialists instantly.


Grow Second Opinion Oncology Practices and Initiatives
Oncology second opinion initiatives are on the ascent. Easily receiving studies is foundational for success. Ambra makes it simple, by eliminating incoming CDs, and empowering patients to upload and access images for immediate evaluation. Patients win with better access to second opinions. Physicians win with increased patient flow and inquiries.


workflow_automation_main_imageThe Power to Minimize Duplicate Studies
Multiple providers and exams involved in the patient journey can heighten the risk of duplicate studies, increasing risk of unnecessary radiation exposure. Our centralized, easy to access cloud VNA, and integration with gateways and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) makes access to existing studies more effective and reliable than ever.


Accelerate Treatment by Reviewing Studies Anytime, Anywhere
Having timely access to studies is critical for diagnostic imaging. A key benefit of real-time image exchange is the ability to retrieve images whenever they are needed. With Ambra, images can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and on any browser-based tablet or viewing station.

HOVI, a Virtual Oncology Hospital Chooses Ambra to Drive Collaboration
HOVI, a leading international virtual oncological hospital based in Spain, runs Ambra for secure sharing of medical images and reports to a global community of oncology specialists and experts across Europe and Asia.