Bringing Ease of Movement to Medical Imaging

Focus your attention on what you do best: orthopedic care. Ambra banishes CDs, improves medical image sharing, and puts patient images in your hands anywhere, anytime – from home to the OR.

1607-0794_edited[8]Finally, Anytime-Anywhere Access for Images.

Frustrated with only being able to see patient images within the four walls of your orthopedic practice or clinic? With Ambra, medical images can be accessed from anywhere. With just a laptop or tablet and an internet connection, our 510(k) cleared viewer is Class II per FDA regulation, empowering you and your team to assess cases, and make immediate decisions when and where it matters. No more need to rush back to the office in order to view a patient’s films — patient studies are always at your fingertips.

Spend More Time with Your Patients ― Not with CDs

You’re focused on your patients’ bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves. Your patients’ and your teams’ time is valuable ― and it certainly shouldn’t be spent fumbling with unreadable discs with roomed patients, or waiting around for images to arrive by courier. We make accessing images easier with automated routing from referring physicians — no CDs required, as well as powerful CD ingestion that uploads images, standardizes formats, and accelerates time to view images.

Infrastructure4_finalYou Bring Ease of Movement to Your Patients. We Bring it to Their Images

What if you could easily send studies to fellow orthopedic specialists to collaborate with? Or rapidly share them with local hospitals and imaging providers, or with referring physicians? Even empower patients with the ability to upload or access their X-Rays or MRIs? Our image management cloud makes it simple with automated routing rules, secure sharing to individuals, groups, and locations. Ambra even integrates into physician and patient portals so they can upload images or access image data.

Don’t Wait for an Image Management Disaster to Break Your Clinic.

You deal with traumatic injuries like fractures and other complex injuries. But how painful would it be if your PACS went down? Or perhaps a loss of studies due to a flood or break-in? With Ambra, we host your images in our secure data center, with multiple backups and failover. You get peace of mind knowing that your images are securely stored and backed up by a Service Level Agreement for uptime and availability. Better yet, our cloud is always up-to-date, with no IT required.

North Jersey Orthopedic Clinic Upgrades Image Management

As a premier sports medicine and joint repair clinic in the region, NJ Orthopedic Clinic wanted 24/7 access and a central access point to communicate patient findings, pull together treatment plans, and share throughout facilities. They’re running Ambra, streamlining sharing across locations and enabling physicians to access images from anywhere —improving efficiency and patient care.