Urgent Care:

Your Image Management Platform for Growth

Urgent Care Centers are surging across the US and rapidly adding new locations to meet growing demand, yet legacy on-site PACS create substantial risk and are a barrier to growth.

hospital_health_blockIntegration that Powers and Streamlines the Patient Journey

For Urgent Care facilities, speed, efficiency, and patient satisfaction are essential ―streamlining every aspect of the patient journey from the registration process, accelerating the flow of information into the EMR/EHR, integrating the patient study to the patient record, and requesting imaging from outside radiology. Ambra integrates with existing systems like athenaClinicals, and upstream and downstream systems to cut rekeying and legacy media from every step in the patient journey.

Accelerate Read Turnaround by Eliminating CDs

Ensuring reads are handled timely, efficiently, and scalably is critical for physician productivity, patient care, and satisfaction. Ambra makes it easy to connect with imaging centers or radiologists at major hospital systems, and receive reads on images faster by routing images electronically, securely, and instantaneously to radiologists and specialists ― no CDs required. Ambra is proven to accelerate read turnaround from days to hours. For patients and physicians, it means faster results and more rapid follow-up on treatment.

Infrastructure4_finalCloud Disaster Recovery and Archiving: Vital Urgent Care Success

Spiraling growth with new locations quickly exposes the risks of on-site image storage. From floods, to theft, to on-premise PACS outage, a disruption can quickly leave an Urgent Care facility, and the brand itself, dead in the water. It doesn’t have to be that way. The Ambra cloud provides archiving and storage at our industry-leading data centers. With backup as standard, and best-in-class SLA’s and availability, Ambra provides a cloud image management platform enabling Urgent Cares can grow with confidence.

Self-Service to Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patient portals are a driver for patient satisfaction. With Ambra, integration with existing portals is a simple process using our modern cloud APIs, and when patients request their images they simply access them via an encrypted email, instantly. Ambra helps you improve patient satisfaction, lower administration, and increase loyalty — differentiating your Urgent Care brand in an increasingly competitive environment.

CareWell Urgent Care - Case studyCareWell Urgent Care Relies on Ambra as a Foundation for Growth

With rapid growth from four locations to over fifteen in just four years throughout Massachusetts and in Rhode Island, CareWell Urgent Care focused on reimagining their systems in the cloud to support their comprehensive approach to urgent care, which includes on-site labs and x-ray capabilities. They selected Ambra to reduce risk and to eliminate barriers between their physicians, radiologists, and patients.

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