Women’s Health:

Is Your PACS Keeping Pace with Imaging Breakthroughs?

Powerful advances in mammography like digital breast tomosynthesis are boosting health outcomes. Effectively accessing, sharing, and archiving studies has never been more critical.

enhance_copy_blockEnhance the Health & Well-Being of Your Patients with Image Management

Your patients rely on you to have rapid access to their studies to make the best and most timely decisions for their health. It means sharing exams between OB-GYNs, Radiologists, and patients should be frictionless. Often the reality is different, with hard to read CDs arriving in the mail or by courier. Ambra’s powerful cloud solution makes it easy to receive inbound exams either via CDs or direct routing, add them to your archive, and easily route for referral. With Ambra, inbound and outbound sharing is simple.

Remove the Administrative Strain Created by Tomosynthesis Images

Uncompressed, a single tomosynthesis image averages about 450MB. This means that on-premise archives and traditional PACS and VNA systems often buckle under the strain of growing size and volume, grow more expensive to run, and create exposure of risk of image loss. Ambra’s elastic cloud uses modern cloud storage to store and archive images and automate retention policies cost-effectively, with backup and availability built right in.

vna_login_and_viewer-(1)Empower Women with Access to their Studies and Information

Innovations like 3D mammography, provide the latest technology that increases early detection of breast cancers. Ambra extends innovation right to your patients at home — enabling them to easily access and keep their images. With ease of patient self-service, and integrating images with patient portals, Ambra makes it simple for patients to get more involved in their healthcare and patient-physician experience.

Get Personal with Your Patients Thanks to the Most Advanced, Intuitive Viewer

Tablets provide the opportunity for physicians to have a more intimate experience with patients, connecting with them over their images and diagnoses. Ambra’s zero footprint, HTML5 mobile-friendly viewer, provides an intuitive shared experience for physicians and patients alike. And with powerful cloud access, physicians can get to imaging anytime and anywhere- from home to clinic.

Ella Health Advances Women’s Wellbeing with Ambra

Ella Health empowers women to take control of their health with an innovative approach to providing services including mammography and physical therapy, with eight locations and ongoing expansion. With Ambra, Ella Health gained ease of intake of incoming studies on CDs, a simpler way to handle prior imaging to create a historical record for patients, affordable and accessible long-term archiving and seamless sharing across providers and with patients.