Radiology & Imaging Centers:

Instantly Store, Share, and Access Imaging

Imaging is your strategic asset. Ambra instantly routes imaging between referring physicians, imaging facilities, radiologists, and patients. Industry leading disaster recovery and uptime ensures studies are always secure.

Routing Rules, Modality Worklists, and Templated ReportingStreamline Upload, Routing, and Sharing

Ambra’s workflow and routing intelligence enables radiology and imaging centers to tailor imaging flows, and share images with providers in real-time through automated bi-directional routing. Pre-fetch prior studies from Ambra and automatically search across the network and normalize priors into the workflow. Send patient imaging directly to the radiologist workstation where reporting is completed. Auto-route studies and completed reports back to referring physicians through a custom branded web portal and even make studies available to patients through an easy-to-access web link.

Consolidated. Streamlined. Deconstructed

Ambra enables radiology and imaging centers to simplify and consolidate their imaging infrastructure that often includes CD burning tools, pre-fetch rules engines, CDs, and VPNs, on-premise VNA, disaster recovery solutions, into one unified platform. This consolidation reduces infrastructure costs while improving image flow, patient, referring physician, radiology and administrative experience. Ambra also works in a deconstructed PACS environment providing customized workflows, hybrid storage models, and universal viewing that are separated from the components of a traditional PACS  to maximize interoperability

Powers Radiologist Productivity

Ambra’s universal viewer means fewer tools for radiology to engage with, make it simple to view DICOM imaging types from CRs to intensive imaging studies such as PET, US, Angio, and Tomo, while also handling non-DICOM imaging that can easily be wrapped with a DICOM header for quick storage and access, too. Worklists ensure the right radiologist will read the right exam first time while EMR, EHR, and RIS integration reduce manual errors and steps.

Routing Rules, Modality Worklists, and Templated ReportingYour VNA. In the Cloud

Securely store, exchange, search, and instantly access imaging across multiple PACS locations, groups, and departments with Ambra’s Cloud VNA. For Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), our thin-study capability transports only PHI and image data, deferring image retrieval until it is requested. Automatic PHI data harmonization powers an Electronic Master Patient Index (EMPI) enabling interoperability and standardization of data across systems. And with comprehensive viewing, routing, storage, HL7 and more built-in, it’s never been easier to consolidate the healthcare technology stack to one unified system.

The Power to Grow and Scale Radiology and Imaging Centers

Anytime anywhere access to relevant imaging data and rapid distribution of studies by securely routing medical images anywhere, powers telehealth and teleradiology services. Rapid accessibility and transfer enables time-sensitive trauma transfer scenarios imaging that can be exchanged prior to the patient’s arrival. Cloud archiving, backup, uptime, and availability delivered in enterprise data centers, provides a key foundation for imaging continuity and scaling up. Built-in analytics enables measurement of imaging flows and turnaround times key for driving radiology operational efficiency.