3 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Image Sharing for Trauma Transfer

When it comes to trauma transfer, time is of the essence. When a patient is in serious condition, they need to receive the right care at the soonest possible moment. Thankfully, advances in image exchange can help save precious seconds by allowing the process move more quickly and more efficiently. Below, I quickly highlight 3 major benefits to implementing a Cloud image exchange solution.

1. Save time by sharing studies before or during patient transfers

Cloud image exchange allows you to exchange images without the need for CDs. This means that images can be sent to the end destination before the patient even arrives, allowing the team to assess injuries and gather the appropriate resources while saving critical minutes.

2. Rapid integration of outside DICOM data into receiving hospital’s PACS

The combination of direct image transfer through online sharing and image gateways greatly improves the flow of outside DICOMs becoming integrated into the image infrastructure at the receiving hospital. This not only saves time, but allows multiple specialists to access and view the exam at the same time and from different places.

3. Easily scale program to improve interoperability across facilities

One of the most immediate advantages of Cloud sharing is how easily it can be set up and integrated into use. Using VPNs can be limiting in trauma situations, but the availability of a web-based sharing portal makes it possible to upload and transfer exams on-demand. And for high-volume instances, gateways are simple to install–making it easy to scale your entire image share program.

These 3 benefits are just a part of what Cloud-based image sharing for trauma transfers can provide. If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to join us at our free webinar Medical Images In the World of Trauma Transfers on June 17. Learn more and register by clicking below.

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

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