6 Critical Factors for HIE Success

Cloud-based image exchange services are the main driver behind image enabling HIEs. Only 2% of the roughly 300 HIEs that exist today support medical images. However, text based records only tell part of the story. The sharing of medical imaging data provides a whole new world of untapped potential in HIEs.

On a broad scale, image enabling an HIE refers to the electronic mobilization of imaging across organizations within a region, community, or hospital system. Providers must be able to electronically view and exchange diagnostic imaging data in real time. HIEs aim to change healthcare by providing a more efficient, cost effective, and patient friendly manner of health data exchange.

Our eBook, Image Enabling the Health Information Exchange, discusses 6 critical factors that have been proven to successfully drive image-enablement.

1) Establish Trust Among Stakeholders

  • Creating a shared vision that everyone can embrace is a critical factor for success. Develop an advisory group for stakeholders to share what your HIE can deliver of value to them.

2) Assign an Internal Champion

  • Adoption of new platforms can be difficult, and motivating users to learn new features is no easy task. Champions act as the liaisons between users and project managers. A high level IT manager with influence in technology adoption paired with a physician with strong credibility can make a great team.

3) Build a Consistent Brand

  • Maintain a consistent tone, style, and mission for your HIE’s image exchange.

4) Foster User Engagement

  • It is important to provide frequent and on-going training to encourage HIE participation. Keep lines of communication as open as possible.

5) Stay Neutral

  • Competing organizations are unlikely to use each other’s image sharing solutions for several reasons. The advantage of an HIE is that it is a neutral third party. As a result, each entity only has to connect to one image exchange solution.

6) Deliver a Strong Return on Investment

  • Understand the current costs and challenges of image producers and consumers in your region or state. How many images are they exchanging today, how long does it take, and how much does it cost? Can you offer a cheaper, faster, and safer option?

If you’d like to learn more about image enabling the HIE, measuring success and delivering value, key considerations for success in a Cloud vendor, and a real life use case, download our eBook below!

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

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