Best in Show: Finding the Right Technology Vendor for You

It is the first day of HIMSS and looking around the exhibit halls, it is amazing to conceptualize how far the medical industry has come with the adoption of new technology. Films are being replaced with digital x-rays, electronic health records are taking the place of paper charts, and CDs are becoming obsolete with the growing popularity of cloud storage solutions.

As an industry, we should be proud. We are finally catching up with other sectors of the modern world, and are taking advantage of all that new technology has to offer.

Technology vendors are pouring out of the woodwork, and choosing the right one for your medical institution can be difficult. Here are three things we think you should do when shopping for new technology.

Consider your Workflow: Map out your organization’s daily workflow. What about this workflow can be automated by technology to replace mundane, manual tasks? As a new buyer, you may not be aware of the possibilities. Having a clear workflow mapped out will help vendors understand how their platform best can work with your practice.

Figure out your Pain Points: It is essential to find the biggest pain points for workers of all levels throughout the institution. What are their daily struggles? To do this, you need to speak with front desk staff, nurses, doctors, IT managers and anyone else playing an essential role. Technology can solve the problems you may not even know you have. After speaking with employees, make a list of the top three headaches you are looking to solve with new technology. These should be non-comprisable items on your agenda. Keep them at the forefront of your mind when speaking with vendors.


Do your Research: There are countless technology vendors in the medical space, and choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. It is essential to do your research. Find out if the platforms are customizable. Do they fit your workflow well? Do they offer routing rules to automate daily tasks? Most importantly, does the vendor solve the top three non-negotiables you set for your organization? Utilize comparison charts, like the one released by ITN Magazine, to easily compare multiple vendors. Then, request custom demos to truly determine which platform will be the best fit for your institution.

Technology is supposed to make your organization’s daily tasks seamless, not more difficult. It is time to make technology work for you.

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

About Catherine Slotnick

Catherine Slotnick is a passionate healthcare marketer with a deep interest in the latest & greatest in the Health IT space. As Ambra Health's Director of Marketing, Catherine primarily focuses on creating and sharing thought leadership content in the radiology and informatics space. Catherine graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology & Art History. When she's not writing, she enjoys cooking and petting dogs that aren't hers.

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