Clarity in the Cloud: Farewell Traditional Software

Last night DICOM Grid’s Chief Architect, Anatoly Geyfman, and Marketing Manager, Dana Tee, kicked off HIMSS13 at the Clarity in the Cloud party hosted by Athenahealth.

Hats off to Athenahealth for throwing a great bash. And you can’t have a successful party without a funeral service, right? Midway through the event the entire crowd was ushered outside to bid farewell to what has been the technological lifeblood to many healthcare enterprises, you guessed it, software. In announcing the “death of software” Athenahealth’s CEO, Jonathan Bush, was not preaching doom and gloom, but celebrating the new opportunities ahead. With the passing of the traditional model of software, we welcome a SaaS revolution. The cloud is marching in!

It’s no secret that the delivery method of software in the healthcare climate is starting to change due to cloud computing and software as a service models. This transformation is accelerated by a number of industry trends.

Breaking down of vendor silos

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the breaking down of silos can lead to more coordinated care for patients, reduced medical costs by preventing repeat procedures, and can improve overall efficiency within the hospital system.

Ability to exchange information

In the same vein, the ability to transfer patient information between systems and facilities is critical. We are seeing more and more institutions replace outdated infrastructure and VPNs with Internet-based technology.

Easy access to information

24/7 access to information on any device is also high on the priority list. With the rise of tablets in healthcare, organizations are seeking out solutions that support mobility.

As a disruptive innovator, DICOM Grid works with organizations that are seeking ways to capitalize on the changes cloud services deliver. We help these organizations break down silos, exchange information, and improve access to information. SaaS delivery models and the cloud make it all possible. Discover what the cloud can do for your organization by requesting a demo of DICOM Grid’s image exchange platform. If you are in NOLA for HIMSS make sure to stop by booth 718 to talk disruption and opportunity.

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

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