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As an athlete your body is your most prized possession. You must do everything to keep it functioning to its full potential. Unfortunately, sometimes no matter what preventative measures you take an injury will occur. In this circumstance, time is of the essence. Yet, often times with orthopedic practices, the process from initial consultation to surgery is much longer than necessary for a number of different reasons. Some of which include using CDs, trouble viewing MRIs, and the inability to share images in real-time. It is crucial for athletes to work with orthopedic practices that can reduce time-to-care delivery and get players back in the game as quickly as possible. Orthopedic groups can improve real-time image sharing capabilities by incorporating a Cloud-based imaging solution.

How Can A Cloud-Based Imaging Solution Improve Patient Care in Sports Medicine?

1. Prevent unnecessary radiation

The FDA’s recent White Paper: Initiative to Reduce Unnecessary Radiation Exposure from Medical Imaging, stated “the U.S exposure to ionizing radiation has doubled over the past two decades”. Many institutions are aware of this and are taking the steps to further prevent unnecessary radiation exposure. Patients will no longer have to receive additional X-rays, MRIs, or CTs due to the inability to transport images. With a Cloud-based medical imaging exchange platform, these tests can easily be shared to hospitals and practices via the Cloud.

2. Seamless real-time sharing across providers and with patients

Real-time sharing via the web or a gateway makes it easy to upload and send exams securely. For instance, this is helpful when players are hurt while away from home. The player is able to get an MRI at any location, and then the images are directly shared in real-time with the player’s physician.

3. Remote viewing for anywhere access to medical images

In the past, when it came to viewing patient images and reports, medical staff was confined to the four-walls of the hospital or medical center. With an image exchange platform, trainers, physicians and patients are able to access images 24/7 from any device. DICOM Grid’s zero-footprint HTML5 viewer puts medical imaging right at the physician’s fingertips, When doctors are traveling, they have the capability to review and assess patient studies.

With DICOM Grid’s Cloud-based platform for image management, doctors are able to diagnose players and move onto treatments faster. Athletes always need to be on top of their game and so do physicians!

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

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