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Thank you to Renee, a Sales Development Representative at Ambra, who turned her blog post into a personal story about how the lack of #healthIT affected her life.

As a senior at the University of Kentucky, I found myself struggling to balance my course load and part-time campus job while beginning the strenuous process of Ambra Loves NHITpost-grad job applications. To make matters worse, I was experiencing frequent migraines and neurological episodes that resulted in the loss of consciousness. In an effort to find answers to my medical concerns, I was constantly driving back and forth between my hometown in Cincinnati, Ohio, and school in Lexington, KY scheduling several doctor appointments around my class and work schedule. As you can imagine, the two conflicted. I had several images taken including MRIs and CT scans – both performed at a radiology group covered by my insurance plan back in my hometown of Cincinnati. However, my treatment plan was constructed by a neurologist in Lexington. Unfortunately, the two groups were not able to send bi-directional imaging. Not only was I required to miss both class and work to get the imaging done, but I spent numerous hours traveling to pick up the CDs several days after the imaging was performed. This resulted in a need to drive at least twice a week which was an activity that was strongly discouraged due to my unpredictable symptoms. While I was relieved that my final diagnosis was a unique migraine form, I was still frustrated by the process that I had to go through.

Shortly after my health improved, I was offered a position at Ambra Health, a cloud-based image management vendor. Like most new hires, I spent my days learning the ropes and hearing the problems that Ambra helped its customers face. I quickly found out that I was not the only patient who had dealt with this issue; it turns out that every single day patients with chronic or serious conditions are asked to shuffle around CDs.  If Ambra Health was implemented in the facilities I went to, I could have drastically reduced the amount of class and work I was forced to miss. 

One of Ambra’s largest initiatives is the Ditch The Disk, a campaign that allows healthcare executives to realize the true costs and patient care delays associated with burning CDs. CDs have an extremely negative impact on patient daily life, overall care, and even perception of a facility. As a Gen Z who is used to accessing every other piece of information that I need online and has experienced the delays associated with CDs,  I now look for facilities that offer enhanced access. Together, patients, physicians, and vendors can work to eliminate outdated technology and speed up time-to-care delivery.

Renee Steller

About Renee Steller

Renee Steller recently graduated Cum Laude from the University of Kentucky with dual degrees in Management and Marketing. Renee has a strong interest in technological innovations in the healthcare industry. As a Sales Development Representative, Renee communicates with executives at healthcare organizations, informing them of the benefits that can be seen with Ambra for both physicians and patients. She spends her free time at the dog park, even though she doesn’t have a dog.

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