Having Your Cake & Eating It Too: A Hybrid Tale

We are often told that we can’t have it all. But guess what? When it comes to image management, you can! New hybrid models allow for an organization’s current image housing architecture to be seamlessly blended with an updated cloud platform.

Morris Panner, CEO of DICOM Grid, recently stated that 2015 is the year the hybrid model will be pushed mainstream. He says, “ In 2015, more organizations will be looking to adopt hybrid architecture to solve the dilemmas of large-scale image management. Hybrid models provide an attractive and innovative option for institutions that want to maintain some data onsite, while gaining the flexibility and rapid iteration of the cloud.”

The cloud offers increased flexibility and interoperability along with enhanced storage. While healthcare institutions no longer need to build and maintain in-house infrastructures, some institutions desire to load-balance storage between the cloud and current onsite availability. Onsite storage results in rapid access to information. However, most institutions only require a very small amount of data to be in this high availability mode. Hybrid models allow for a customization of what is most valuable and efficient for the organization.

So, let’s recap, what are the advantages of having a hybrid model?

Central Archive

Consolidating all management eliminates vendor silos, independent storage solutions, and complex PACS-to- PACS data migrations.

24/7 Access

Authorized members can receive 24/7 access to images. Images can be viewed on a range of devices from MAC to PC, viewing stations, tablets, mobile and more!

Exchange Capabilities

A hybrid model eliminates the need for VPNs as images can easily be transferred online.

Affordable Backup

The cloud storage model offers uncapped storage capacity. This is hugely valuable, particularly for organizations that need access to imaging for business continuity.

Do you think 2015 will be the year of the hybrid?

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

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