How to Share Medical Images During Patient Transfers

There are many times when your staff may need to transfer a patient to another medical facility. Perhaps the patients’ family wants a second opinion, or another care facility offers more specialized care. Whether the end destination is another hospital, clinic, rehabilitation center, or long-term care center, when you transfer a patient, there is typically a specific protocol that needs to be followed in order to ensure patient safety.

There are countless ways to make the process seamless. One area that can cause a bottleneck is handling medical images and transmitting them to the new institution. Due to large file sizes and formats, medical imaging can be the most difficult part of the patients record to transfer.

Electronic medical image sharing platforms offer an easy way to move data from place-to-place. Rather than mailing copies of diagnostic studies on film or CD to the receiving institution, you can send images across the Internet. This technology ensures the information gets to the appropriate location in a clinically relevant time frame. When time is of the essence, as is often the case in trauma or emergency situations, electronic sharing is a must. Improving the speed and efficiency of image sharing allows medical teams to identify the patient’s transfer needs. It also provides the medical staff more time to review the patient’s condition and prepare surgical rooms.

Additionally, repetitive imaging is known to be one of the most expensive and preventable costs to any transfer. In cases where prior imaging is not available or accessible, patients may be subject to repeat scans, exposing them to unnecessary, excess radiation. By sharing studies online, you can track and confirm when the information has been received and communicate with the end destination in real-time. If anything is missing from the patient’s historical imaging work, it’s much easier and faster to simply share additional studies over the Internet than by traditional courier service. In a new eBook, we explore the topic of electronic image exchange in depth.

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