How to Increase your Referral Base with Medical Image Sharing

Growing your referral base in healthcare can be a daunting task. It is difficult to know where to begin. Not to mention, it takes serious dedication. In an increasingly crowded industry, attracting new opportunities for your medical business is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge.

One of the surest ways to build out your pipeline is through referrals from physicians and current patients. This requires that an efficient, timely referral process be in place. Additionally, effective tools for transferring information between providers and the recipients of your service are critical for success.

Here we examine a few creative ways medical image sharing is being used by facilities to increase referral volumes.

Electronically accept requests from physicians

In today’s digital age, waiting for patient imaging to come through the mail is archaic. Having an online image sharing platform in place makes it easy for referring doctors to send you patient information in real-time. Adding an image share link on your website allows referring doctors to directly upload through your site.

Tip: Add helpful step-by-step instructions to your website to guide first time referrers through the process of sending you studies. See below:

Review your analytics

A useful platform grants you the ability to understand where and how new patients are coming into the system. With comprehensive analytics, you are able to see who is sending you new patient studies, how many new studies are being uploaded, and which studies are being viewed internally. This will help you track important data and will provide a broad view of your growing business, as well as areas of opportunity. Keeping tabs on your analytics allows you to spot trends and flag areas that need improvement. For example, if you see a consistent decline from a certain referral site, it may be time to reach out to strengthen the relationship. On the other end of the spectrum, if you see a sudden jump in activity from a particular source, you might want to consider sending a brief thank you-note as a token of appreciation.

Improve patient satisfaction by providing access to patient data

While it is undeniably important that doctors have access to patient information, you should also consider a platform that allows patients to view their personal medical history as well. Patients present a golden opportunity to help you market your services. Happy patients are likely to share the good word about their experiences. Keep your patient satisfaction high with patient access to health information. Giving patients access to their medical images grants them the ability to view and share their health information online. It also makes individuals more proactive in their care process. Once a patient uploads medical images to your institution, give him/her the ability to view the newly acquired information through the web. After all, it is the patient’s data.

Marketing competitive advantage

Implementing a medical image sharing platform is revolutionary! You should make it known to the world. Arm your staff with fresh material to bring to the market. Write a case study explaining how this technology streamlines your referral process, and post it to your favorite social media sites. Have referring doctors and patients give testimonials explaining how easy it is to share information with your practice. By getting the word out, you will not only attract more patient referrals, you will also become a thought leader in the industry.

Executing a medical sharing platform will take work, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Choosing a vendor that will walk you through the deployment phase is essential. Look for a system that requires little to no hardware installation. This way, your system will be available to referring physicians and patients promptly. Also, be sure the platform you choose is customizable for your workflow. Your practice is unique and the system you elect should reflect that.

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