Making mobile image viewing a reality with Mayo Clinic

The potential benefits of integrating mobile apps into the world of medical imaging are vast. Imagine a neurosurgeon or other specialist being able to instantly view a study on his or her iPad on a referral they’ve just received from another state. Or a patient who can pull up the results of her recent mammogram on her mobile device for her family doctor to see.

These are the kind of real world advancements that DICOM Grid is continually working towards, and yesterday we were excited to announce our partnership with Mayo Clinic that is greatly furthering that mission. We are currently developing a mobile medical image viewer that Mayo Clinic will use to share images between its physicians and referring physicians. The mobile viewer is specifically designed for both browser-based and iPad devices.

Over 400 million medical procedures per year in the U.S. involve at least one medical image and 20 percent of imaging tests are repeated because different physician’s offices cannot access earlier data. This results in $26.5 billion dollars in redundant healthcare costs each year.

The new mobile app will allow doctors and providers to send medical images to a facility in advance of a physician visit so that the hospitals can more efficiently evaluate and treat patients. This means no more wasting time or resources conducting redundant tests. Mayo Clinic will work alongside DICOM Grid to provide expertise from the clinical perspective.

“Mobile image viewing is paramount to our ability to deliver efficient, cost-effective patient care,” says Dr. Jeremy Friese, Associate Chair of Radiology at Mayo Clinic. “For the Mayo system specifically, allowing both referring and Mayo physicians easy access to medical images at the point of care will prove to be very beneficial.”

The program will begin in the fourth quarter of 2012 and will be used internally at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Upon completion of the pilot, DICOM Grid will evaluate the potential of making this mobile technology available to other medical institutions across the country.

News of DICOM Grid’s collaboration with Mayo Clinic to develop this ground-breaking mobile image viewer has spread like wildfire! Here are just a few outlets that the story has been featured in:

We can’t wait to see the transformative power of this new medical image viewing technology. What are your predictions for the changes it will bring?

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