Medical Images in the World of Trauma Transfers

In chaotic situations, it’s easy for CDs to go missing, or for patients to be transferred without discs. To make matters worse, sometimes the data contained on discs is in a propriety format making it impossible for the receiving team to read. In many cases, losing or missing data that occurs during the transport process leads to rescans, exposing patients to additional radiation exposure. It’s a scary statistic, but most studies have found a repeat imaging rate of 60% when patients are transferred to major trauma centers. A portion of this percentage is attributed to missing data or the inability to interpret outside data on compact discs. Not only does this delay care and expose patients to extra radiation, but it can also tack on significant costs to healthcare services.

Introduction to “Cloud” Technology for Trauma

Cloud-based image management tools are quickly gaining traction in the world of trauma transfers. Using web-based technology, DICOM images can quickly and safely be sent from outside facilities before and during patient transport. Cloud-based sharing solutions, like DICOM Grid’s, support image transfer and upload from a variety of inputs including modalities, PACS, or CDs. The upload and transfer process can be accomplished by accessing the system through a web-based portal for image sharing. Gateway software can also be set-up to facilitate point-to-point connections through the Cloud. Additionally, routing rules can be configured within DICOM Grid’s system to push studies from outside facilities directly into the PACS in the trauma room or surgical suite.

Benefits of using Cloud-Based Sharing

Using Cloud technology can save time, cut down costs, improve interoperability, and enhance the control of a patient over their own health.

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