National Health IT Week Highlights (Part One): Innovations in Access and Interoperability

DICOM Grid attended an important conference at the Department of Health and Human Services all about consumers (that means you!) and Blue Button.

The crux of the conference was that innovation in access and interoperability is leading to dramatic improvements in healthcare.

We sat in on a special breakout session to learn how providers could more easily incorporate Blue Button access protocols into their practices and institutions.

Ellen Makar, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Consumer e-Health, Adam Dole, a Presidential Innovation Fellow, and Mat Kendall, a senior official at the Office of Provider Adoption Support led the session.

There were some important takeaways that are relevant for our customers:

  • New business models in healthcare are coming led by the Government, but being quickly followed by the private sector.
  • To be successful with these new models, providers need to partner with patients and enable them to control their healthcare more effectively.
  • Electronic data will be key to that effort and putting those systems in place is not just a technical challenge, but a workflow challenge as well.

We are focused on imaging, which is just now coming to the fore in the discussion on Meaningful Use.  We are working with HIEs and private providers to solve the interoperability part of the equation for imaging and related data.

For those of you who are trying to navigate this new world of interoperability and data access, please contact us. We have innovative ways to make it easier than ever to give patients access to data and to let new patients share with you.

We salute Health IT Week and are proud to participate.

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

About Catherine Slotnick

Catherine Slotnick is a passionate healthcare marketer with a deep interest in the latest & greatest in the Health IT space. As Ambra Health's Director of Marketing, Catherine primarily focuses on creating and sharing thought leadership content in the radiology and informatics space. Catherine graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology & Art History. When she's not writing, she enjoys cooking and petting dogs that aren't hers.

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