NATO Successfully Tests Multinational Telemedicine System

The 28-nation treaty organization, NATO is developing a telemedicine system to use during emergency situations. While working with Avera Health in South Dakota, NATO officials saw a demonstration of the Transportable Exam Station (TES). NATO used TES in Lviv, Ukraine during a field test involving more than a thousand rescue workers from 34 different countries. According to an announcement released by NATO, the technology was successful during the field exercise taken place in late September. This marks the first time that independent telemedicine systems collaborated to successfully provide medical support in a disaster scenario.

The goal of this project is to increase survival rates in emergency situations, especially when emergency care is not readily available. According to Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Assistant Secretary General of the NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division “it aims to save lives in emergency situations, as well as in military operations.”

TES and its integrated medical devices from GlobalMed include: 12-Lead ECG, USB Vital Signs Monitor, and a TotalExam®3 examination camera. This multinational telemedicine system will be used in eastern Ukraine for both military and civilian applications. The portable medical kits will allow first responders to connect to the system to receive advice from specialists in real-time during an emergency. The idea is that remote medical specialist would have the ability to assess the patient, determine the diagnosis and provide recommendations for care.

This developing telemedicine system is supported by NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) with the cooperation between allied countries Romania, the U.S., as well as NATO partners Finland, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. These countries will also provide advanced equipment and training for users of the system.

A statement released by NATO says this telemedicine system “represents a major step forward in live, real-time incident response health service delivery.”

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