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Since posting our blog last week, Medical Texting: There’s An App For That, in which we discussed the benefits of special messaging applications, we’ve had many people reach out to ask about specific medical applications they should be utilizing. We’ve done research on a few of the top medical messaging apps in the industry. Here’s what we found.


First of all, Hippomsg is completely free to download and use. Doctors and healthcare professionals go through a quick registration process after downloading the app, and can instantly begin communicating. It can be used across many platforms including Android, Apple and PCs. With the vast network of care providers on Hippomsg, finding the person you are trying to communicate with is quick and easy. Each provider is granted a unique profile, and a separate inbox for their medical related messages. From what we can tell, it seems intuitive and simple to use; but, don’t take our word for it. Here is what one of their customers said: “hippomsg is easy and efficient. It makes communication with the healthcare team instant and effortless.”


Spok, formally known as USA Mobility, is considered a leader in critical communications in a variety of industries. Along with healthcare, Spok also provides secure messaging for government, public safety, enterprise, higher education, and many other sectors of business. In addition to secure messaging, Spok is also a central to other applications and connects to PBXs, nurse call and bed management systems, clinical systems, electronic health records and human resource systems, for a systematically integrated communication process. This application is also available on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, pagers, and other common platforms. One Spok customer said, “The Spok system helps us provide better patient care by letting us alert staff faster and with more relevant information than before.”


Medigram is another simple-to-use, free medical messaging application. It is scalable and can be utilized for the small private practice, or for large hospital systems. This intuitive platform allows care providers to include a subject line in the message, much like an email. This makes it simple for providers to organize messages based on the patient, not the name of the receiver. Additionally, secure group chats can be started, allowing an entire care team to receive patient updates at one time. Medigram grants providers the ability to securely share images. The sender can snap a picture through the app and can send the image to other specialists instantly. Customer satisfaction with Medigram is high, and it currently has a 5 star ranking on Google Play.

Once you finally receive patients’ medical images on your device through these secure messaging apps, using the DICOM Grid mobile viewer app is a great way to assess them!

What are some secure messaging applications you’ve used? Let us know YOUR reviews in the comment section below.

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