RSNA Recap: Medical Image Exchange and Mobility

RSNA’s exhibit halls were decked out and open for business last week. Attendees couldn’t help but notice that medical image exchange and mobility were two hot topics of this year’s meeting. Given these themes, DICOM Grid felt right at home.

Medical Image Exchange at RSNA’S Image Sharing Demonstration

For the second year in a row, DICOM Grid was featured in RSNA’s Image Sharing Demonstration. Alongside other participants, DG showcased developments in radiology informatics, standards-based interoperability, and image sharing. During the demonstration, DICOM Grid introduced attendees to DG Image Locker, a PHR (Personal Health Record). DG Image Locker enables patients to store and share medical studies with healthcare providers online, and can be found at AccssMyImages.com.

Below is a picture of a RSNA staff member interviewing DICOM Grid’s Chief Architect on cloud-based medical image exchange.

Mobile Viewing for the Radiologist

Another RSNA highlight was the Mobile Connect Presentations. DICOM Grid was asked to speak about the DG story and how mobile exchange and viewing putsradiologists in the center of the action.

DICOM Grid’s Experience at RSNA

As a technical exhibitor, DICOM Grid couldn’t have asked for better traffic in the halls. Throughout the week the team met with radiologists, technologists, and administrators from all over the globe giving each a sample of what DG Suite can do. If you missed out and would like to learn about how your healthcare organization can share, manage, and store images in the cloud fill out this form to request a demo.

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