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broken_cd_blog_image.jpgDo you spend hours wasted on administration? Are you trying to eliminate the use of CDs and seamlessly share imaging data across several facilities? These are the growing pains often shared by organizations expanding their network both locally and internationally.

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is one of the world’s premier health care organizations and a physician-led, nonprofit group practice with 5,500 staff across multiple locations. Lahey faced several key challenges in regards to image management. CD transfers and system upgrades were becoming an increasing frustration with a legacy vendor. Image uploads were slow and unreliable, increasing administration time and patient frustrations. Additionally, an expansion overseas made it clear that a new vendor with an easy method of image exchange was necessary.

The struggles faced by Lahey are not uncommon. A report by the American Hospital Association in 2003 found that patient visits, like an emergency department room visit, equal about 1 hour of paperwork. Since then, EHRs have helped make waves in reducing time-to-care delivery and speeding up hospital processes. However, things remain slow in the world of image management. Many EHRs are not image-enabled, and CDs still remain a frequent method of image transfer.

Since partnering with DICOM Grid, Lahey has eliminated transferring CDs between their facilities. Adam Medina, Radiology System Administrator says, “Now with DICOM Grid, across hundreds of senders, and numerous locations, we no longer have to worry about scratched and error-prone CDs.”

In addition to CD elimination within network, Lahey has found that partnering with a SaaS (software-as-a-service) vendor is highly beneficial. A cloud image management solution uses a vendor offsite to digitally store images that are automatically streamed into the cloud. Users with the appropriate login credentials can access this data anytime and anywhere. The cloud vendor takes ownership of managing the security settings through an encryption technology and provides an automated storage and disaster recovery program.

John Gagnon, Radiology Informatics Manager has also experienced the benefits of more configurability, flexibility, and lower maintenance costs, observing, “since using DICOM we’ve had no upgrade issues – we just get an email, it’s seamless to us.”

Can the cloud lead the way for your organizations? Curious how other organizations are using the cloud to their advantage? Watch our first thought leadership webinar featuring speakers from the Mayo Clinic & Stanford Children’s Health.

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