The New Age Gap : Correlation Between Physician’s Age and Technology Adoption

It is no secret that medical practices remain split about adopting new technology.  Younger physicians seem willing to spend the necessary resources on new IT projects, while more senior practice members may think of the newest technology as excessive.

Is this difference in opinion due to age?  A recent study, mentioned in Physicians Practice, shows a direct correlation between a physician’s age and their willingness to incorporate new technology into their practice.  Interestingly, a physician’s age is tied into a variety of other factors that may affect this difference in opinion.

According to the article,  many senior doctors are unwilling to adopt new technology not because they are unable to use it, but more as a result of the cost. One claim is physicians, who are close to retirement especially, will not ever see the payoff from implementing a new technology system.

Additionally, many solo practices are owned by older physicians, while young residents straight out of medical school gravitate towards larger hospital systems.  Private practices, by nature, do not have expendable resources for technological purposes.

This technology gap is not only seen in the medical device/technology realm.  One study found that throughout the day, younger physicians check their personal devices twice as much as their senior colleagues.

A challenge for many health IT companies is to develop technologies that are simple to use. The success of any technology is often based on the user experience. At DICOM Grid, our intuitive platform allows for an easy transition in any medical facility. In designing our medical image exchange solution, (used for sharing images between facilities, transferring studies between modalities, vendor neutral archive, and more) we focused on the end user’s experience.  It’s easy…see for yourself, get started with a demo.

What will become of the medical world as more and more technology resistant doctors retire? How can we ensure that every physician in a medical practice is comfortable using new technology?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

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