The reign of CD storage is long over

The Windows 8 launch late last month was considerably different to another such launch on August 24, 1995. As an article by Wired describes, Windows 95 made its debut to a midnight frenzy at stores across the country. Of course, times were a little different then.

Microsoft was king and Apple was a minor competitor. Cellphones were a luxury of the few and did great imitations of bricks. Bill Gates was a CEO in his late 30s and still very hands on with Microsoft’s software development. Internet Explorer was brand new and first released as part of the Windows 95 package. The only way to get the new operating system was to go to the store and buy it in a box. Many would open that box to find a set of 13 floppy disks, the standard media for computers of that time.

But some who were willing to spend a bit more and had a fancy new computer – those were the lucky ones to get Windows 95 on another media: CD-ROMs. You see, in 1995, CD-ROMs were cool. Bill Gates said so.

A few things have changed since that day 17 years ago. VCRs got a little scarce. Apple came out with a couple innovations of its own. A basic smartphone has about 50 times more memory than the average laptop of 1995. The Internet become useful for a few things besides checking your email and going to chat rooms.

CD storage is about as technologically advanced as these laptops from 1995.
Photo credit: Dan Lamont/CORBIS

And, just as it once replaced the floppy disk, the CD has been replaced by a different kind of storage: the cloud. At least, in most industries. Surely we can all agree that it’s time medical image exchange left the ’90s as well.

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