The Why & How of Second Opinion Programs

1414121070495These days, everybody wants a second opinion.

I know whenever it comes time for me to make a purchase, I scour the Internet for reviews and ask friends and family for their opinions. And when it comes to major health decisions, you can bet I do the same.

I’m not alone in knowing that gathering other opinions is a good idea. The fact is that half of all patients seek second opinions. And it turns out that’s a great thing–Grand Rounds, a company that connects patients with top doctors to provide second opinions, found that of the patients that were coming to them for a second opinion, roughly 65% were originally misdiagnosed or mistreated.

The reasons patients seek a second opinion are wide ranging, but are most often due to a doctor recommending a major surgery or prescribing a drug with many side effects. Second opinions are also sought if a patient finds that they are not getting better with their current treatment plan.

As a health care provider, you’re probably wondering how and why you should take advantage of second opinions at your organization.

From a reputation standpoint, providing second opinion services gives doctors and institutions the opportunity to expand their medical reach throughout the country and even the globe. It gives healthcare providers the chance to exchange their knowledge with people all over the world.

From a revenue standpoint, second opinion programs can build your referral network and bring in more money. Within 30 days of implementing their program, Barrow Neurological Institute received 30 electric second opinion referrals and scheduled 6 new surgeries.

The process of implementing a second opinion program doesn’t have to be complicated. We like to break it down by thinking of patient CARE:

C – create awareness of program

A – attain qualified patients

R – receive patient requests

E – execute timely follow up


Catherine Slotnick, Marketing Manager

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