Upgrade your Phone, Upgrade Your TV, Upgrade Your Patient Care

This is the fourth post in our #NHIT week blog series.

When people talk about technology growth in recent years, everyone thinks of cell phones and computers because they are so prevalent in our everyday lives. There has been exponential growth in technology, but one area that is commonly forgotten and is severely lacking is the healthcare industry. For example, why are we still Ambra Loves NHITusing CDs when it comes to something vitally important to us; our health?

Generation Z as well as Millenials are pushing for better technology in the healthcare industry because this is what they are comfortable with. Generation Z is the first generation to grow up with technology, which is why we are leading the drive for healthcare to be similar to everything else in our lives. We expect fast results, convenience, and efficiency when it comes to healthcare and tend to shy away from places who are not utilizing digital tools. 

We use the kind of technology everyday that is lacking for medical imaging. We store our photos, computer documents, and music in the cloud and we can instantly pull these things up when we need to access them. The healthcare industry is not fully utilizing updated technology, let alone the cloud. We are still spending precious time searching for medical images and uploading CDs. 

Dr. Geraldine McGinty from Weill Cornell addresses the room for growth in healthcare technology when she says, “Unfortunately I’ve had to do that many times leading to unnecessary imaging and biopsy. We need to do better. #ditchthedisk” in reference to searching for her patients’ past medical images. Repeat imaging is completely unnecessary since we have the technology to safely and securely store imaging in the cloud. 

The difference between physicians spending their time interacting face to face with patients versus trying to track down medical images is critical. We need to make the push for upgraded technology in the healthcare industry and just as Dr. McGinty said, we need to do better for the patients. The good news is that we already have this technology, it is just not being used in every healthcare facility. 

Though some healthcare organizations are making changes, we need everyone on board. I believe that technology is the key to a positive change in patient care. New phones come out every year, but it’s time to start upgrading technology for our patient care.


About Shelby Wells

Shelby graduated Cum Laude from The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Studying health and exercise is a passion of hers that has translated into her career at Ambra Health. In her free time, Shelby enjoys exploring NYC, taking different workout classes, and trying new restaurants and happy hours with her family and friends.

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