How Imaging Portals can Satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2

Now that 2014 is in full swing, we need to address that topic in the back of everyone’s minds: Meaningful Use Stage 2. This year marks the beginning of eligibility for MU2, and it’s time to start thinking about ways your institution can qualify.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 raises the bar on the objectives that providers and practices must uphold in order to satisfy these requirements. Additionally, these incentive programs must be presented to an even larger portion of the patient population.


New Stage 2 objectives have been added, with an increased focus on patient access in both the core objectives and menu objectives. The information provided on Meaningful Use Stage 2 is plentiful, and frankly can be a bit overwhelming to comprehend all at once.

We’re here to help. In this blog we will address how implementing a medical image exchange platform can help you on your quest to satisfy MU2.

Imaging Results Accessible through CEHRT

Providing accessible imaging results through certified EHR technology (CEHRT) is one of the new menu objectives outlined in Meaningful Use Stage 2. Finding a vendor that is flexible and can easily integrate with your selected EHR is essential. The image exchange platform you choose to work with should be accompanied with a viewer that satisfies the MU2 radiology requirements. The cloud platform should support both storage and data transfer within HIEs. As an added bonus, look for a vendor with a web application that provides patients with quick and secure access to imaging data.

Encouraging Patients to Utilize this Technology

Implementing a patient portal is not enough. In order to satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2, patients actually have to utilize this technology. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen without your encouragement. Make it simple for patients to view, access, and transfer their medical information and images. Find a third party vendor with an intuitive viewer that allows patients to see their medical images online. The easier you make it for patients to access this information, the more likely they are to use this technology. Reassure your patients their medical data is safe with this new method of transfer and assist them in setting up new accounts. Help your patients help you satisfy Meaningful Use Stage 2.

Fulfilling the requirements for Meaningful Use Stage 2 is no easy feat. It will take time, patience, and well…..patients. If you’re looking for help, be sure to request a demo of DICOM Grid’s image exchange platform. One of our cloud professionals will be happy to help guide you through the process of achieving MU2.

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