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Actionable Insights for Providers: Meeting Patient Expectations in an Age of Digital Transformation

A new wide-ranging report of more than 1,100 healthcare consumers from Ambra Health reveals how technology— and the convenience it affords— is driving the way they select healthcare providers, manage their health records, and access diagnostic data such as medical imaging.

The 21st century healthcare consumers’ preference for innovation creates a great opportunity for providers to increase patient engagement, especially based on study findings like—

  • A whopping 97% of healthcare consumers are familiar with cloud technology and have an opinion about it
  • Despite the tech savvy awareness of today’s healthcare consumer, 1 in 3 still can not easily access their medical records online
  • 57% of patients still had to use CDs to transfer diagnostic data like medical images and 44% said that process took a day or more to complete

Join the 45 minute live session with Ambra Health’s CMO, Mini Peiris, as she walks you through actionable insights providers can take away from the survey report to innovate patient services, enhance engagement, and incur long-term loyalty.

Healthcare Consumer’s Expectations in the Digital Era:

  • Access to all health information from the web.
  • Innovation that goes beyond just having a patient portal and accomodates online tracking for dependent health records.
  • Simplified uploads of previous medical imaging and easy sharing  to physicians for second opinion or specialist consult.
  • Patient friendly diagnostic imaging reports and more engagement with radiology.


Mini Peiris, CMO
Ambra Health

Mini Peiris is the CMO of Ambra Health (formerly known as DICOM Grid) and a passionate believer in the end-to-end provider and patient experience. She works closely with Ambra Health’s advisory board of physicians, administrative executives, and healthcare IT leaders. Prior to Ambra Health, Mini spent 12+ years at NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) as Vice President, Worldwide Marketing and Vice President, Product Management. In these executive leadership roles, she drove NetSuite’s global go-to-market programs and product direction as they grew from early startup in 2002, to successful IPO in 2007, to a $500M+ revenue business in 2014. Mini holds a B.S. in Cellular Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan and began her career as a research scientist at Janssen Pharmaceutica.