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Step Away from PACS and Move to the Cloud: 3 Trends Driving Cloud VNA

A new trend is emerging where all facilities, not just large hospital systems, are stepping away from PACS and shifting their archiving to cloud-based vendor-neutral archives.


Healthcare organizations of all sizes are shifting from PACS to cloud-based vendor-neutral archives. This move is driven by three key trends: the increasing amount of diverse healthcare data, patient demands for accessibility, and the imperative of disaster recovery.

In support of these goals, cloud VNAs allow the connection of other systems (like a RIS or EHR) and make it simple to transfer and view studies, integrate priors, and create holistic patient health records.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why your organization needs to eliminate troublesome VPNs and consolidate disparate imaging systems
  • How elastic cloud architecture scales to meet increasing image volumes, systems, users, and organizations
  • The importance of split-merge technology to effectively store and protect images in the cloud


Mark Filiault from CT Ortho
Mark Filiault

Chief Information Officer, Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists

David-Paul Cavazos from Republic County Hospital
David-Paul Cavazos, MBA

Chief Executive Officer, Republic County Hospital

Chantel Hopper from Ambra Health
Chantel Hopper, MBA

Director of Customer Success, Ambra Health

Jim Ericson

Consultant, Editor Emeritus, Information Management

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